Membership in the association and league is open to all those who identify as queer, and their allies.

All participants must register, pay their fees, and sign a waiver before stepping on the ice.



Members pay $110 for a 10-week season of curling games (the actual cost is higher but is currently being subsidised by a provincial grant).  Other benefits available to league members include priority access to training clinics that we organise, an end-of-season pizza party, voting rights at our AGM, and eligibility to compete for a spot on the team(s) that represent our league at the annual Canadian Pride Curling Championships.


To become a member

Complete our online registration form and then pay your membership fee. Each member of a pair or larger group of people who wish to curl together for a season should register separately and indicate their curling partner(s) on the registration form.

To make payment: sending your membership fee via electronic money transfer to is the preferred method of payment. Alternatively, you can pay with cash on the first Friday of curling (January 8th for the Winter 2021 season).

Note that your membership is not confirmed until you fill out the registration form AND make payment.  Limited spots are available and it is first come, first served!

All members are also required to separately register with the St. John’s Curling Club in order to fill out their waiver forms.


To play as a spare

Occasionally some league members may be unable to play in a game. When such vacancies occur, teams will consult a list of potential spares and try to find one who is available. To add yourself to this list, please use the online registration form and designate that you wish to be added to the spare list.  The cost to play as a spare is $15 per game (payable on the night you play as a spare). Spares will also have to register with the St. John’s Curling Club in order to fill out their waiver forms.