2024 Canadian Pride Curling Championship  and Big Jib Draw Bonspiel   


The Canadian Pride Curling Championship and the Big Jib Draw Bonspiel for the 2023-2024 curling season took place together in St. John’s on 13-17 March 2024.


The CPCC Champions

The CPCC winners were Team Francis (Toronto 1), shown here with the CPCC trophy at Signal Hill:


The Big Jib Draw Champions

The team that won the Big Jib Draw is Keep It Clean from St. John’s, shown below with the BJD trophy:



Thru Lucy’s Lens Photography took many photos for us at the curling club. Click here to view the photo galleries.


Media Coverage

Below are links to some of the media coverage that we garnered.

We have also posted videos of the Opening Ceremony and the Closing Ceremony on Facebook.

Additional social media posts about the event can be found by searching for the #CPCC2024 hashtag.


Registered Teams

Below are the 16 teams that competed in the CPCC, each selected by their home cities and Canadian Pride Curling Association leagues through local playdowns.

Skip Team Location and Rank
Grimes St. John’s 1
Oickle Halifax 1
Stewart Halifax 2
Taylor Ottawa 1
Chow Ottawa 2
Francis Toronto 1
Flewwelling Toronto 2
Newell Toronto 3
Boisvert Winnipeg 1
Anderson Saskatoon 1
Flasch Saskatoon 2
Theaker Edmonton 1
Rennie Calgary 1
Seaman Calgary 2
Berg Vancouver 1
Thompson Vancouver 2

The following 24 teams played in the Big Jib Draw.

Team Name Skip Team Location
An Inch Too Thick Caines St. John’s
House Music Fahey St. John’s
Impaired Bears Cull St. John’s
Keep it Clean Paul St. John’s
PJ and the Pixies Osborne St. John’s
Sip and Slide Cribb St. John’s
Team GOAT Murphy St. John’s
Tight & Light Crummey St. John’s
The Brush Offs Anderson St. John’s & Halifax
Puffin Power Rangers Fraiberg St. John’s & Toronto
Big Kenergy Nowlan Halifax
Bluenosers Rock Hancock Halifax
Daddy Hoes Comeau Halifax
Tight and Biting Walsh Halifax
Bear-ly Standing Gravel Ottawa
Koroscil Koroscil Ottawa
Loose and on the Button Gallo Toronto
The B’ys Ott Toronto
The Tonya Hurry Hardings Harding Toronto
The Trial of Toronto 7 Nadeau Toronto
Dads From Away Thomas Toronto & Cincinnati & St. John’s
Drunken Sailors Field Toronto & Vancouver
Oh My Guard Bergquist Vancouver
The Southsiders Gallegos Philadelphia


Travel & Lodging

Weather-related travel disruptions at this time of year are not uncommon. We encourage teams to come a few days early so that any delays encountered along the way do not result in missing the competition. If your travel goes well and you arrive with time to spare, then Destination St. John’s can offer some tourism suggestions.

We also suggest that you book your accommodation and travel far in advance, as options may be in short supply during our competition. Note that our event coincides with St. Patrick’s Day, which is observed as a holiday here in Talamh an Éisc.

Please be sure to book flights using airport code YYT for St. John’s, Newfoundland. Do not select the city of Saint John in New Brunswick as your destination. Although the people in Saint John are very nice, that is not where we’ll be curling.

Discount code from Air Canada:  G9V7FWC1
This promotion code is valid for travel within several days of the competition. Enter the code when making a booking on the Air Canada website to see the discounts that it provides for travel to/from St. John’s, Newfoundland.

For teams planning to drive to Newfoundland, you will want to book a ferry crossing with Marine Atlantic.

Discount code from the Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland:  D3Q
The Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland (115 Cavendish Square, St. John’s) has provided a promotion code for us. When booking on the Marriott website, use the code to obtain discounted room rates.

For getting around town, City Wide Taxi has an app that can be downloaded and used to book cabs. More details are on the City Wide Taxi website. City Wide will also be providing us with a bus trip from the curling club to the Sheraton hotel on the day of our banquet.


Social Events For Players

Wednesday Welcoming Reception

Teams are invited to drop in at the Johnson Geo Centre from 7:00pm to 10:00pm on the evening of Wednesday March 13th to mingle with each other and have a bite to eat. A cash bar will be available. Moreover, we have arranged for access to the exhibits at the Johnson Geo Centre (which is typically closed at this time of year) for two hours from 7:30pm to 9:30pm. Please note that food and drink are not allowed into the exhibit areas.

Thursday (Ice) Shed Party and Screech-In

We have an ice shed, so we’re planning for a shed party (but in the more comfy lounges next to the shed). Samplings of Newfoundland culinary delights will be available. A screech-in will also be performed for those who have signed up for it. The shed party starts at 9:00pm and is held in cooperation with St. John’s Pride. Members of the local community are welcome to attend.

Friday Drag Bingo

On Friday evening from 9:00pm to 11:00pm, Eda Kumquat will be leading a Drag Bingo at the curling club.

Saturday Scoff & Scuff

A banquet will be held in the Fort William A & B Ballrooms at the Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland, located at 115 Cavendish Square. It will commence at 7:30pm, with a pre-banquet reception starting at 6:30pm in the ballroom lobby. After the banquet concludes, those wishing to dance can make their way to Velvet at 208 Water Street.

For curlers who finish their game at 6:15pm on Saturday, note that a City Wide bus will depart from the club at 6:45pm to take players to the hotel for the banquet.

The Ugly Stick

During each draw we will have a special bell (in the form of a traditional Newfoundland ugly stick) that can be jubilantly rung by any team that makes a double take-out. This team will retain the coveted ugly stick until a double take-out is made by a different team during the same draw, at which time the ugly stick will be transferred accordingly. Since each draw has multiple games in progress concurrently, the ugly stick may visit many sheets over the course of a draw. The team that holds the ugly stick at the end of the draw will be rewarded with a round of shots from the bar.


Curling Schedule

A schedule for games for both the CPCC and Big Jib Draw is shown below. All times are with respect to the Newfoundland time zone. Thanks to the generosity of the Newfoundland and Labrador Curling Association and the St. John’s Curling Club, we’re able to stream most games happening on sheets 3 and 4, with particular focus on streaming CPCC games. To see their YouTube channel, visit it here: St. John’s Curling Club YouTube.

Game results will be updated online on an ongoing basis (usually after each draw, and occasionally maybe even while games are in progress).

For the Big Jib Draw, click here to view the points that each team earned during pool play.





Rules of Play for the Big Jib Draw

  • Unless otherwise noted, the Rules of Curling for General Play (2022-2026) published by Curling Canada will apply.
  • The Five Rock Rule applies.
  • The No-Tick Shot Rule will not be enforced.
  • All brush heads except for hair/corn brooms are permissible.
  • Teams typically consist of four players, but three are allowed. A team is in default if the minimum complement of three players is not achieved within 15 minutes of the scheduled start of a game.
  • Each team must do a measured draw after their first game.
  • During Round-Robin Play:
    • Each team will play all 3 of the other teams in their own pool.
    • Each game has up to 8 ends if time permits.
    • Extra ends are not allowed, so there may be tied games.
    • A timer will sound after 1 hour and 45 minutes.
      • You can then finish the current end, and if it isn’t the 8th end then also one more.
      • If the timer sounds while you are between ends, then only the next end can be played.
  • During Playoff Games:
    • Each game has 8 ends.
    • Ties are to be broken by playing extra ends.
    • Games will not be timed, but all players are asked to be mindful of the schedule and to not waste time.
  • At the start of each BJD game, the winner of a coin toss shall have their choice of hammer or rock colour.
  • Spare players are permitted. During playoff games, spares can only play in a team’s front-end.
  • It is customary for the winning team to buy a round of drinks for the losing team when they socialise after the game is over.
  • Scheduling and sheet assignments are subject to change at the discretion of the bonspiel committee or Draw Master to expedite play.
  • Earning Points During Round-Robin Play
    • 10 points for winning a game
    • 5 points for each team in a tied game
    • 1 point for each end in which a team scores
    • Rocks scored do not count towards points.
    • Blanked ends generate no points for either team.
    • Ends that are not played because time ran out: no points for either team
    • If a team concedes: the other team is deemed to win (and will also get 1 point for each remaining unplayed end)
    • If a team defaults: the other team will earn 14 points (10 for winning plus 4 for half of the ends that could have been played)
  • Ranking for entry into playoffs
    • One team from each pool will advance to the A Division Playoffs.
    • Regardless of points earned during round-robin play, if a team has won against all three other teams in their pool, this will be the team that advances to the A Division Playoffs from that pool.
    • If no team in a pool has won against all three other teams in their pool, then the team with the most points in that pool will advance to the A Division Playoffs.
    • The 6 teams that advance to the A Division Playoffs will be ranked 1-6 based on their points.
    • The 18 teams that do not advance to the A Division Playoffs will be ranked 7-24 based on their points. Teams 7-12 will advance to the C Division, 13-18 to the D Division, and 19-24 to the E Division.
    • In case of point ties, measured draw results will be used. If measured draw results still do not resolve a tie, then the tie will be broken by coin toss.


Rules of Play for CPCC

  • The tournament structure is determined by the Canadian Pride Curling Championship’s Rules and Best Practices for Hosting (2022 edition).
  • Unless otherwise noted, the Rules of Curling for General Play (2022-2026) published by Curling Canada will apply.
  • The Five Rock Rule applies.
  • The No-Tick Shot Rule will not be enforced.
  • Players must use Curling Canada Legal Brush Heads with no inserts. Moreover, hair/corn brooms are not allowed.
  • Each game has 8 ends unless a team concedes earlier.
  • Ties are to be broken by playing extra ends.
  • Games will not be timed, but all players are asked to be mindful of the schedule and to not waste time.
  • Except for the Semi-Final and Final games, a coin toss will determine the team that has last rock advantage in the first end. The winner of the Page 3-4 game will have last rock advantage in the Semi-Final game. The winner of the Page 1-2 game will have last rock advantage in the Final game.
  • Spare players are permitted, but cannot be from any other CPCC team. Spares can play any position as long as regular team members are not demoted.



We are grateful to the sponsors listed below for their generosity and support.



We also thank the generous contributions of the following:

Sharon Brophy
Rose Drover-Jones
Leo Druken
Stephen Duggan
Fireside Creations
Team Gushue
David Thornhill